1. FIRST PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP dont like dis one eithhhererrrrrrerererrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  2. Shop! Here are some game suggested 😀 1. Roblox Death run 2. Survive the disasters 3. Prison Life! Yeee that's all 😀

  3. I HAVE A SUGGESTION FOR YOU! PLAY EPIC MINIGAMES!!! IT'S MY FAVORITE TOO! I play it a lot please please play epic minigames on roblox one day! You might even see me online if possible. I'm Animalsrk00l!

  4. Why did you edit me and my sister dragoncraft me foxcraft OUT OF THE VID!!!!! U did not do the levels that where where iN!!!

  5. Those games are very addicting ShopKing, so that's kind of why I wouldn't start playing it in my opinion.. lol unless if you want to have fun with it..

  6. ROBLOX Games I Recommend: Jailbreak, Ripull Minigames, Big Brother, RHS(ROBLOX High School), Super Hero Tycoon, Natural Disasters and Flood Escape. I have been playing ROBLOX probably longer than Animal Jam. I even got robux on ROBLOX. I think I can start calling myself a pro at ROBLOX. This is a long comment but my ROBLOX username is HarleyQuinn99862

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