15 thoughts on “Rothschild: ‘New World Order’ Will Be In Place By 2018”

  1. Trading paper and calling it Money is a fallacy created to make the rich richer and to keep slaves, slaves. The next move is to move to a 100% electronic payment systems, again with no physical assets backing the fictitious currency. It's just like when they took away the real ownership of property, you only own it in thought. You are property managers for the real owner, the government. Which hasn't been "Of The People and By The People" for many many decades!

  2. Reason why they said full contrôle 2018 because they know how silly you are enjoy only life with no future plan they have.

  3. Guy looks like dirt. Using the term lord as if he is, scum. Punch him in the throat, kick him in the kidney, bury him where he falls. And I'll still pray for him.

  4. Look up this book called "modern times" on wattpad the picture is a cartoon girl under mk ultra

    It's not even closed to finished yet, but it has a lot of truth.

  5. Hes, lying that was when( o-shit 4 brains ) was in OFFICE. Trump has turned the tide. Besides the shit Roth-child speaks of is immature and unwanted

  6. Sorry Rothchild's, We WILL Overcome this paltry dilemma & eliminate your stranglehold on the world

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