9 thoughts on “Runescape 2007 – Sparc Mac’s Staking Adventure! [10M Start] [Vid 5]”

  1. damn bruh making me want to try to stake lol but yo you should do a giveaway like a ags :p giveaway i would love you long time

  2. ur so awesome u gave me courage to fight someone of 20 levels higher than me and i lost 50 m dammit but after that i just killed someone of 10 levels higher so i have 100k again even though i've lost 50 m it was sooo much fun!!! tnx

  3. Love YOLOing at the right time… Was at the DA today down almost 2b…. YOLOed at the right time with 1b and won with 4hp. If i filmed it you woulda seen me running around my house dancing hahahaha 

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