17 thoughts on “Sailing Deserted Islands – Bahamas”

  1. How can they be alone when someone's filming them as they arrive on the island? There is a mysterious 3rd person with a camera somewhere.

  2. Blackbeard must of thought it was another world with the colour of the water compared to the murky waters of the Bristol Channel!
    My village of Pill which is 4-5 miles down stream of Bristol would have had a visit from Blackbeard at some time or another I'm sure!
    Also the last places John Cabot sailed from as he would have needed to wait for the next tide and Pill was the place to wait!

  3. Plana's has some of the prettiest water ever seen. Atwood Harbor, holed up there for 4 days. Awesome. Thank you for sharing.

  4. To be honest, i´m using your vids to learn English, but they are amazing anyway, and I becoming very keen on sailing at the same time, the shots are fantastic andI like very much all the historic and geographical information that you provide, thank you very much from Gijón, Spain.

  5. The irony of the U.S.Base at Georgetown was about 40 miles north during WW2 the German sympatizers at the Darbys resupplied German Subs. Evidence still exists.

  6. who are these people trying to fool. The Bahamas is filled with thousands of vessels everyplace. Just like most locations its been overrun and ruined by tourist, charters and just about any kind of boat that can float.

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