17 thoughts on “Scary Stories Told In The Rain – The Left/Right Game Pt. 3 – Thunderstorm Video”

  1. The first thing I thought of when Jubilation was being described was a nuclear testing site. It would make sense of why Bristol heard screaming over the radio before

  2. At first I was mad for ads getting in the middle of my story but then I always feel happy cause my favourite narrator is finally getting ads

  3. Man, I cannot wait for you to come out with part 4 of the Left Right game series. I am not going to lie. The anticipation is getting to me. Please please please put that out as soon as you possibly can. I love your work, and I hope that you keep doing this for a very long time. I am blind, and seeing as how I am unable to read a book anymore I get a lot of entertainment from these Creepypastas. As soon as I figure out how to use lies the internet better with my adaptive software I will totally add your name to the list of people I want to sponsor. I have spread the word about your channel to other people, and hope that they have also subscribed to you. Keep up the awesome work, and I hope you have a most wonderful 2018. Happy New Year

  4. Hey be. I love this serie…me and my friends are actually going to try it here in nevada when alm the cold goes away…but when is part 4 coming out?

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