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  1. It is no surprise they voted BREXIT when you have that level of ignorance spouted by those who are supposed to know better. Spain has great roads because they have high standards and manage public and private funding in that area very well. Their railways are also the envy of the world for the same reason. Britain has terrible roads and railways that are third world…and the EU had nothing at all to do with it. You will see when you finally leave.

  2. with every video i've seen i'm starting to think that you got paid to make people buy vw cars instead of Seat ones.

  3. I have no clue why you always bitch about the boot lip. I would rather have a huge space "lower" than the lip than a flat loadbay. I think you are focusing too much on this point in the wrong way. Practicality is in my mind more important in regards to total load volume than whether or not you have to lift your items 10 cm down into the boot.

  4. If the roads in Spain are better, it will be because we do better than in your country. For something it will be that the biggest constructors of the world, are Spanish.

  5. You should not go off topic speaking about the EU founds. What you should think and make people think about, is what it is happening with your money, because your highways and rail network, have a huge margin to be improved. Engineer working for HE (Highways England) and Network Rail.

  6. Pretty random political comments on EU financing of Spanish roads… besides that, great straight forward review as always.

  7. And here i thought Spain had bad economy. They actually use money to fix the roads. Meanwhile in uk, they pocket that money.

  8. Hi there,I love your reviews! Can you tell me if Start and stop can be turned off in Ateca 1.4 TSI Style?

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