Selena Gomez Dishes About “Bad Liar” Follow Up Song | Elvis Duran Show

19 thoughts on “Selena Gomez Dishes About “Bad Liar” Follow Up Song | Elvis Duran Show”

  1. If I was famous and my ex was as famous as me I would be like… "HOLY FUCKING SHIT!" Then I'd be like: "I need a coffee, and a balcony with some beautiful view at a Pacific ocean. With that, a few days of "WHOAAAAA, SHIIIIIIIIIT, FUUUUUUUCK!!!!!!!" every now and then.
    Then I'd be like: "Ahhhhh, yes. That's better. Now that shithead is under me forever… HA! Sorry myself, my bad, but my life is just gonna' be awesome and soon!" 😀
    But that's just me. I'm an explosive person, very confident. That's how you survive everything. Happiness is an achievement.

  2. she is shit she uses Justin's "oh Justin did great" yes bitch its over now stop promoting yourself bitch nobody asked

  3. She is so humble and down to earth. I love how she's just like a regular person, not affected by fame at all.

  4. comment-selena-selena-should-know-about-watching–or-got–your–back—-selena—is-a-back-@throat-stabber-she-will-cut-your-throat–sorry-selena–you-still-need-help–the-weeknd–gonna-kick-you-to-the-curb—-!

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