Seti Crazy as hell .Polite Slaying,They Killed The Hebrew Israelites Pt 4

13 thoughts on “Seti Crazy as hell .Polite Slaying,They Killed The Hebrew Israelites Pt 4”

  1. Is this a build or debate????? Either way one brother is suppose speak at a time right? Plus, what's with all the cursing and prideful energy amongst the brothers. Things be looking like a physical fight about to born over each brothers on understanding according to each ones knowledge. Its on thing to build or debate and another thing to man yourself look like a**. True indeed , its suppose to be supreme peace!! But whatever! Peace!!!

  2. You were good together here. This is an awakening for me. How could you all fall out over the Metu Ntr ! (I mean, I could see… Metu Ntr is the Metu Ntr) There must be some peace, love, sustenance, and prosperity – somewhere brothers. We, the RBG – a term I hear you all say so often through video – I HAVE HEARD THIS – "The the Black Mother – who is god !" – community,. This new listener hear you. – The SUN, THE AIR, THE WATER, THE EARTH – ARE the G+d of Our Life!

  3. u all going to the lake of fire. dis nasty mouth red bwoy YAH controls Pharoah mind body and soul, he is a servant, so stupid nasty mouth red bwoy u dey fool..

  4. How can anyone learn a thing when you all dont let anyone complete their statement. this is not the way to communicate, every hebrew that comes together all they do is argue.

  5. I have two questions….. if the woman is God….why do you say Goddess, and if God is woman or man, how can the woman be classified as God?

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