16 thoughts on “SFV – Early Balance Changes! Alex DDT & Juri’s New V-Trigger For Street Fighter 5 Arcade Edition”

  1. I now this is really off-topic, and annoying; but dude, you are getting very fat. In all the year, you have gain a lot of weight. I watched a video of December from last year and damn!!

  2. As an Alex main, I don't like the new V-Trigger, it's not nearly as damaging as Sledgehammer, it doesn't seem as useful either. If Flying DDT was an anti air or something, I could see it being used, but right now it looks mediocre at best.

  3. Does he still use the Mad Catz te2+ still and if so does it only work for PS4 now since their is no drivers on pc?

  4. So instead of giving him cool special moves he had in previous games, they're limited in a V-Trigger. Capcom is really running out of ideas.

  5. Why is one third of the screen literally the only important part? I don't want to see your fat face, but if you must show your ugly mug why not make the gameplay the whole screen and then put yourself on top of it? WHY IS MOST OF THIS VIDEO A STATIC BACKGROUND?

  6. Man…Juri's new V-Trigger is such a disappointment. It doesn't work in the air, doesn't drain if you get hit/blocking, and you have to stay very close to the opponent. Juri is not even strong up-close. It would have been awesome if her meter-drain ability worked like FANG's poison. After landing the hit, the opponent will continuously lose meter until they get in and land a hit on Juri. Since Juri is quite good at keeping the opponent out, this would make the new Trigger SOOOO much better 🙂

  7. Juri’s V-Trigger is weird because the swirl is so close to her meaning she’ll have to be in close & all of us Juri Mains know how that goes…The only way I can see someone get the FULL benefits of this new move is if the Juri player locks the opponent in the corner or they land a lengthy combo. Butttttt at least it forces the opponent to back away giving her some space (although the opponent can just ignore it seeing at though after the initial hit there’s no active hit box…) but we’ll see what we can do

  8. I'm glad they buffed Alex (a weak character only when compared to the top tier), but I'm so tired of all these quick special moves that are designed to completely negate footsies and are just used to derp your way in when things aren't going your way. Moves like that and neutral crush counters are cancer in this game.

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