SHOCKING! Democrats Argue Their RIGHT to Keep Rigging Elections!

18 thoughts on “SHOCKING! Democrats Argue Their RIGHT to Keep Rigging Elections!”

  1. Even Fox news is not talking about this. At the very least everyone who sent money to B. S. or anyone other then Killery is owed money. It just goes to show our MSM is really fake news.

  2. In an unrelated point, you presented well on Louder with Crowder! Impressive representation of reason and evidence!

  3. Jared seems terrified to speak his mind. He seems worried that if he doesn't speak extremely carefully someone might come after him…"uh uh uh uh" I don't blame him for being worried about talking in a frank way.

  4. Hilary Clinton reminds me of one of my neighbors as a kid who was the headmistress of a primary school. She was a total bitch and tried to act like she was in charge of me and could tell me what to do, even though I never went to her school. Anyway one time when I was in high school I fucked her 24 year old daughter in her (the mom's) bed while the daughter was home from graduate school. The older lady never found out LOL.

    Anyway, yeah.

  5. why on earth did Sanders supporters NOT know Clinton was in the bag, Sanders himself bloody knew it and quite happily fully endorsed the hag

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