18 thoughts on “Sister polite WANTS TO FIGHT ephraimite but NOT captain Tazaryah”

  1. No one fuck with GMC , they eat babies for one, and fuck little girls. Then say god made us hungry so we had no choice. Wat the other adults first at least. And try fuckin women for a change, ol Eddie Long type ass niggas!! Yall camp is sick! Old fat pedophiles.

  2. I wanna meet the Captain…I would crush his light skinned ass outta shape ass. SMB!! Fuck that rope. His bitch ass won't say that to the cops..them faggot back the fuck down. SMBs

  3. wallahi u hebrews dress verry strange and u all are wicked in ur conduct may Allah guide all of ur wicked ppl! say amin

  4. Ha ha.. he calls him sistah polite.. ha ha.. Polite should STFU always talkinz stupidity esply when its not even his turn to speak. Dumb homo

  5. been here since the 60's…is this a pyramid scheme? oh naw…these niggas broke as fuck! wearing the damn house for clothes! foh

  6. Gms is some bullshit…polite too…all these fake ass enlightened mofos ….u only guide the weak. it's all good though..gotta keep dem' lights on bruh.

  7. I would certainly cross that line for polite an knock that soft ass nigga out cold. That soft ass light skinned bitch need to flex on somebody that's ready.

  8. stop smuggling those white faggots in as hebrews…..yall should just sell news papers and bean pies….better business model.

  9. why they got them white fags out there posing as hebrews….anyone can claim they are magical negros these days…

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