18 thoughts on “SOAK performs ‘Sea Creatures’ | The Late Late Show”

  1. Ohhhh SOAK, you poor little bird.  So passionate, so talented, but so young and naive.  You don't like Jesus, huh?  Trust me, you will be older soon and you will have a lot more problems, that day is coming—it comes for all of us —- and when you do, Jesus will still be there for you when the chips are down, so go easy on ol' JC.  🙂  Why don't you like him??  What did he do to you?  If anything, he did something FOR you…

  2. I heard her name in an interview about artist at SXSW so I looked this song up.. I swear I've listened to it 100 times since yesterday.. So much that my kids know the lyrics.. Absolutely incredible.. 

  3. I love this song but as a Christian when she says she doesn't like Jesus it sucks bc I can't listen to a song that downs God like that. :(((

  4. yea, i remember she was opening for tegan and sara (i had know of her before though, so i was looking forward to her performace). the stupid audience would never shut up so i didn't hear a word. that was so rude. maybe she wasn't a good choice for supporting T&S. she's too sweet and the usual T&S audiences are probably not worthy of being in the presence of SOAK singing

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