15 thoughts on “SOLO GIGANOTOSAURUS TAMING! GIGA TRAP METHOD! – Ark: Survival Evolved [S3E110]”

  1. Lol So many people complaining because i didn't do it a certain way. Sure 4 small gates and a bear trap would work but i didn't do it that way? Didn't realise i had to copy whatever the mass was doing to make a good video and successfully trap a Giga for taming. Behemoth gates work fine, you can stand on top and shoot from there lol The thing you all need to realise is that with this channel i do things my own way, i don't research and watch videos, i just jump in and do it whatever way i feel will best work and in this case it worked

  2. I tried this…and the giga destroyed the metal/tech behemoth gate…wth?i guess it was because he was level 420 and did 4k dmg per hit

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