17 thoughts on “South Korea Vacation Travel Video Guide”

  1. супер, у нас в захолустье все наоборот : всяческое подавление психики, любыми средствами от самогона и героина до беспредела мафии и крышуюших ее звездопагонной, куда там канибал корпус, дети

  2. I want to and would love to go back and visit again. Appreciate very much you sharing your wonderful rich culture. Gomabseubnida!

  3. However, Gyeong Bok Palace was destroyed again by Japanese in 1910s ,the period of Japanese Occupation. There were almost 6000 bulidings in palace but now, there are only 35 buildings. I wonder why commentater didn't refer that.

  4. Very very nice, however I wonder how Buddhism has survived with non veg for centuries, when Buddhists fundamentals start with ahimsa or non killing!!!

  5. I have never been to Korea but it almost looks like Japan, where I went few years back, very strange…

  6. This video clips should have been at least 10 years old. Hair style, clothing and everything are those of early 2000's.

  7. A well-known Japanese climber, Ken Noguchi visited Korea in 2014. He took a taxi. The taxi driver asked if he was Japanese. He said "Yes" and then the driver ordered him to immediately get off the car, but asked him to pay the charge. In Pusan, he tried to enter into a sauna shop. Knowing that he was from Japan, the shop would not let him in. Can you believe that these happened in a democratic country? He doubts if any Japanese feels like going to Korea because of the inconceivable discrimination against Japanese.

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