9 thoughts on “Spiritual Inspiration – This May Change Your Life Forever! (Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev)”

  1. He had “Bhavan s amadhi” by His grace. After this your entire experiential self changes… He pervades all.

  2. Being a survivor of many same experiences, I do understand how individualized this is but I do not dare nor could i ever explain the experiences of as he explained as becoming everyone and everything having known this experience early in life it was a burden and still is he is fortunate to be able to benefit many others he also has sealed his fate how can he hide amongst the many is who will recognize , what will become of his primary existance to experience these awakenings again, for me it always is the part that is the confabulation, the lie we tell ourselves to cope to elevate oneself when already set apart it is that he believes he sat for 13 days without moving something totally truth to him logical sensitivities telling me that he must become knowledgable at some point that it is not at all possible but to believe to totally accept this as truth one day he must realize that this is not possible nor is it proof of anything except altered consciousness

  3. Great disclosure. Before one leaves this body, self realization is a must. Renunciation of worldly desires will speed up

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