16 thoughts on “Spoon performing “Do I Have To Talk You Into It” Live on KCRW”

  1. Never heard of these guys before until on the radio today. Good beat. Refreshing sounds compared to the usual generic modern rock these days.

  2. "They say I better seal you up in wax so that you'll never have to bite me back." Damn. Those are lyrics.

  3. Is it worth $50 to see spoon live? I can probably afford it, but I don't usually pay that much for shows unless I know I'm going to be getting an experience I can't get from anyone else. I've always thought of spoon as just a solid rock band, nothing extraordinary, just consistent.

  4. This sounds like a quintessential Spoon song: dark and groovy. Aside from the synth it feels like it would fit right into Gimme Fiction.

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