13 thoughts on “Statuesque Nicole Murphy Struts Out of BOA”

  1. I said it, I meant it, and I am Here to rep present it,,, she is most precious, of course,.. beautiful Eyes.. and my girl….

  2. she is Beautiful, of course, and Super sweet, Nice I sure dig her , I meant she is too wonderful, for short hair ,like me, I hate short hair .mine is Super Long.. no matter, and I am not your Baby…

  3. Ummm, OK, well I'm still stuck in the days of Farrah Fawcett, Heather Thomas, Angie Dickinson and Ann Margret and Raquel Welch , all these New wanna be Bozo's in HollyWeird , I don't know !

  4. She is the former wife of comedian Eddie Murphy and mother to their five children, a reality tv performer on VH1's "Hollywood Exes", and she is currently the finance of Michael Strahan, retired pro football player and cohost on "Kelly Live!". Oh, and she's restarted her modeling career.

  5. Yes, that is correct. She is driving a Maybach, one of the few remaining as their parent company, Mercedes has closed this division. What you seen out on the roads is the end of the breed. Thanks for tuning in and checking us out!

  6. I cannot believe no one has never named a planet, moon or star after this amazingly, beautiful, perfect creature, or a small Country, a tranquil, sublime, splendid, tropical island, or at least an elegant, classy, beautiful Roman City.
    God knows she truly indeed is beautiful and worthy, "If I could I'd catch a falling star"

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