Stop watery eyes during eyelash extension application – Salon Secrets

7 thoughts on “Stop watery eyes during eyelash extension application – Salon Secrets”

  1. the client would think the technician is crazy placing plastic film on top of their eye balls,, these clients are usually nervous.. and may feel scared if I cover their eyeballs with cling film. what's wrong with the traditional cotton swob press. tears usually pour from the year inner corner of end corners… if I see tears forming I know it's time to place a surgical mask on the client… as this indicates they are inhaling the dunes if tears are still forming I will let the client know i would have to completely stop the procedure and remove what I have applied due to risk of reaction.

  2. Do you think this would be a good tip for lash tinting? I've watched your video before on lash tinting and learned a lot from it. Do you think this could work well?

  3. Just because something is made for food, does not mean it's made to come in contact with the eye. Needless to say, allot of things are considered safe to ingest or come in contact with, but they really are not. Only because long term studies don't proof it. This is not a safe practice to continue. You only get one set of eyes. Treat them with respect.

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