4 thoughts on “Supergirl 2×16 Ending Scene Musical Crossover Begins – Part #15”

  1. ummm since when did Music Meisters powers ever include the ability to basically mindwarp his victims into some sort of delusional coma-dream?

    He was always able to control his victims, this is true, but it was against their will and through the hypnotic control he had they were subdued but it was never seen as some sort of "alternate reality" complete delusion anymore than standard hypnosis is. He also had to be present for the hypnosis to hold (or in some cases he has had the person in question wearing a device that repeats the song of his voice to persist the command) and he had to be actually singing for it to work not this "glowy eye" nonsense because it was his voice that had the hynotic effect not his eyes.

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