15 thoughts on “Surgery on leg to remove cyst boil”

  1. I love watching puss (especially the exploding kind). I don't however care for all the vulgarity!! I turned it off after the first leg because I got offended by the f word being repeated sooo much!!

  2. You have guts, man. About the bleeding, have you considered folded gauze sponges held down by an elastic bandage like they do when you give blood?

  3. A tampon would've been better for the bleeding. I've seen lipomas getting removed the same way, so you did a good job with that. The only thing that I have to be critical about is the entire prep was too disorganised. Seeing the lipomas on the plate made me squeamish, made me think of chicken fat or stir fry.

  4. who's in the background snorting his boogers and not even spitting them out that means he's swallowing them that is disgusting

  5. im sorry but are you dumb thats why you get infections for not properly getting the right treatment for them ever heard of a doctor

  6. That one leg is bleeding enough that I need stitches. They heal okay? Your brave. I couldn't have done that.

  7. Gotta love the band aids! Lmao! Red neck surgery! You need to you tube how to place sutures……try Dr. Sandra Lee. That will help so much with future home surgeries and the bleeding. A bit too deep for Second Skin to work….. Thank you, you remind me so much of myself!

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