17 thoughts on “Sushi for Cats”

  1. I used chicken instead of rice so this is technically not sushi but they liked chicken better so I guess it worked out. lol
    For instructions turn on the English captions. Also, the tool I used to make the broth is a coffee siphon(http://amzn.to/2upa5x7). I didn't secure the filter since it took a little too long for the video but make sure to secure the filter when you make coffee otherwise it'll be a disaster. 🙂 日本語字幕は設定でONにするとご覧いただけます。因みに、コーヒーサイフォンのフィルターは時間がかかるの(と、鰹節だったの)で動画のテンポに合わせて外して使いましたが、実際にコーヒーを淹れる時は必ずフックをしないと酷いことになるのでご注意ください。経験談です(笑)

  2. 아가들 먹기젛아라고 으께시고 넘 자상하네요

  3. I subscribed this channel for two reasons
    First Those Neko are so Cute
    Second you are amazing in kitchen

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