15 thoughts on “#SwirlNation “Swirling Around the World” To Meet with Today With Tray!”

  1. Beautiful couple.
    Have you seen:
    Jamie and Nikki (also married youtubers. She is Sudanese and he is Australian).
    Mettin and Zuri also you tubers (he is Dutch and she is African-American).

  2. The hubby is handsome and his girl has beautiful skin, and an adorable little petite figure(jealous). lol! Gorgeous family…

  3. I've been a T- Squader, lol since the beginning! Glad you're seeing them in Toronto, I' m so jealous, but in a good way !

  4. Yes, this is what I'm talking about. A positive comment section. Interacting with IR males and women. 🙂

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