18 thoughts on “THANKFUL- Josh Groban”

  1. Beautiful and is such a Blessing, today and every day. Thank You and God for the Talents he has given you.<3

  2. Beauty and peace surround us. Seeing the beauty and serenity in life lessens our burdens while giving joy to our love of life.

  3. Dear Carole, I am grateful for the opportunity to say THANK YOU to you for co-writing this song. I just shared it as a post with friends for a Thanksgiving message. A group of us sing it together at every get together. It opens our hearts, lifts our souls, and reminds us that Peace and Hope are possible. Much gratitude.

  4. How perfect for this Thanksgiving, considering where everyone is following the election.  Thank you for putting this together.  Let's continue to "Make America Great" by being "Stronger Together."

  5. I love this song and josh singing it with his beautiful voice everytime I play this song I cry yes josh we do have a lot to be thankful for great song

  6. i like it so much. my chorus teacher and us are gonna sing it 😀 Its very Beautiful. i think Even the lord is touched by this song. if only all of us loved God. God is so wonderful. My Mother has Cancer. i am praying. i hope you pray. if you believe. then search a song called I Believe by Mali Music

  7. Josh, you are absolute proof that God exists! Thank you so much for this beautiful song. God bless you always!

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