14 thoughts on “Thankful – Josh Groban”

  1. I am thankful for my family, my friends, values like love, compassion, sympathy, and friendship. I also am thankful for my talents like singing, dancing, and dramatic acting. I am thankful for that I am all beautiful woman inside and outside, a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and I am thankful for God, the Eternal Father, and His Son, Jesus Christ, the Savior and Redeemer of the World.

  2. From my sister through me to all: May this Thanksgiving remind us of our amazing capacity for empathy. May we strive to remember.

  3. Singing this at a concert next year(2017) and i don't know if I'll be able to control my emotions for this beautiful piece…

  4. this was sung at my oldest daughter's high school graduation it had me balling like crazy was trying to hide my face from my wife,LoL

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