14 thoughts on “The Abiding Presence of God”

  1. Thank you pastor David as you were preaching this message on God never leaving me…..The presence of God was so strong that I was weeping.I felt God in a mighty way.I just needed to be reminded that God is there surrounding with his presence at all times.I felt God's peace Thank you for bring obedient to The Lord God bless you.

  2. Pastor I have a question if Elisha was able to see the army of the Lord, does that mean he needn't exercise faith since he was able to see? what is the place of feeling and seeing as regards to faith?

  3. I know that when I clicked this video it was for a purpose . Nothing is a coincidence . Thank you for this message , I felt distant from God , and I was looking for the feeling , But now I know that he just wants me to walk in faith because I'm more mature in my walk

  4. As I was watching your preaching , I was in a great awe on how God works mightily to Elisha, it is my first time to hear that part of the Bible. I was just amazed all the time specially on how you connect it with our lives. "Faith is the ability to see by the Spirit not by feelings and what we see" I knew this before but it became very powerful now. "Relax, don't over think and over analyze everything , you are never alone, remember you are never alone" I am an overthinking but this words strucked me so hardly and it really opens my eyes. And my prayer is this that God would bless me , prosper me and give abundant favor in my business because I really want to join in the spirit church. Help me pray with this, I strongly have this in my heart. Thank you Jesus , Abba Father and Thank you Holy Spirit. Pastor David Godbless you more .

  5. So everyone of us who once have experience with God and now not , we must to wait God faithfulness to show us again ??

  6. Thank you for sharing, every time I put one your sermons on it speaks to me. Love watching your sermons thank you Lord for your messenger, bless you Pastor David.

  7. This was so amazingly accurate at the right time in my life. Glory to God …The last time we wrote i asked for prayer i was struggling with cigarettes. Thanks to Jesus im glad to say ive quit and not even a desire to smoke after sooooo many year..God bless your ministry

  8. A friend of mine, Gerald, a father of three needs prayer, he has had a severe brain bleeding, is near death and if he survives, he might be mentally and physically handicapped. Please pray for a miracle healing! May YHWH our God and Saviour bless you utterly!

  9. Confirmation! Thank you Pastor David for your message. I have been praying with worship and praise knowing that He was testing me with faith when I wasn't "feeling" or hearing from the Lord. Now I know I am passing the test and ready for the upgrade! Bless you. You are always on time and on point!

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