17 thoughts on “The August 21st, 2017 Total Eclipse and the Flat Earth”

  1. I felt that making a second video was the best response to all the globers sending me the same eclipse video over and over. I'm still not convinced guys, and honestly I think you're losing ground.

    The August 21st, 2017 Total Eclipse – Part 2 – My Response to Your Comments

  2. For atheists. It proves that modern space agencies have gotten it wrong. For Christians its means Copernicus and his heliocentrism has flaws. And makes the bible a bit more valid.

  3. I will fully concede that the animations out there leave a lot to be desired in some aspects. I was initially confused about it too, especially the west to east movement.

    The moon is moving faster than we rotate, but it is far away. Also, the apparent movement from east to west is just rotation of the earth, not moon's actual path of movement.

  4. Love these videos! Great job. Here's some interesting trivia based on what we're taught: If the Earth was 1" in diameter, the moon would be 1/4" in diameter and 30" away from Earth. The sun would be 108" in diameter and 11,625" away (that's nearly 0.2 miles!) I was thinking about making a scale model to look at the light wave relationships but now…..lol.

  5. Hi, This really got me thinking, thanks for posting.
    Seems to me these animations are showing the wrong things and are completely overlooking the mechanics of what causes the eastward travel of the eclipse across the surface of the earth, that is, the movement of the earth as it speeds around the sun, revolving around it at a speed of 30 km/sec or 108,000 km/hr. The earth travels towards the shadow of the moon, which is permanent and is fixed in space, passes through it, then travels away. The eclipse will enter and exit the USA in about 90 minutes. In that time, the earth will have traveled 162,000 km. It is this travel which accounts for the eclipse's easterly path across our GLOBE.
    That's my explanation. I am not a scientist. Feel free to correct me on any of the preceding.

  6. The most moronic video I have ever seen. Please, flatheads, stop using the Bible to support your nonsense. The Bible does not support your ignorance.

  7. Excellent points! Just shared on FB and as an Air Force veteran brace, brace, brace comes to mind. We will be there to observe and record this remarkable event in SC. Another reference comes to kind as well. The Book of Enoch refers to the sun and moon as being the same size if I remember correctly. I'm about to look it up. The shadow of the eclipse is 2 miles wide. Would this event allow us to calculate the true relationship and is part of why it is being revealed at this time? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

  8. You didn't even explain how an eclipse works on a flat earth. You just claim the globe model is fake but you don't explain how your hoax works either. On a flat earth eclipses are impossible

  9. In layman's term, the eclipse must be from east to west since the earth's spin is faster than the moon's orbit, but the fact is, it will be from west to east. This is the puzzle.

    Earth spins on its axis in 24 hours, while the moon will take at least 27 days to complete its orbit around the earth. Hence, the moon is slower than the earth. Since the earth is 'overtaking' the moon, the eclipse must be from east to west. Note that both earth and moon spin in the same direction: from west to east.

    The available fake animations will tell that, either:
    1) The earth spins from east to west, which will make the sun rises from the west.
    2) The moon orbits the earth way much faster, which will let us see the whole set of moon phases in less than a day.

  10. let's say the earth is flat, what changes in the world tomorrow if everyone believes the earth is flat? I'll still be stuck on this rock and going to work Monday, so what changes?

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  12. The night side of the globe earth also doesn't have a moon for their night. I'd love some pictures taken of the nighttime moon on the other end of our flat earth at the exact same time of the eclipse. This would prove that the sun's light is localized whereas the moon's light can be seen always – at day or night.

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