THE BEST Flat Earth VIDEO | 1000% Proof The Earth Is Flat | Lets See You Debunk This!!!!

14 thoughts on “THE BEST Flat Earth VIDEO | 1000% Proof The Earth Is Flat | Lets See You Debunk This!!!!”

  1. To all u haters. I think the world is round, but doesnt mean i go calling this guy and idiot. The haters can spend millions of bucks to go to space themselves. Also, if u say the title of this video and thought "This is gonna be stupid" Why even click to watch it? To judge his believes and be a**holes in the comment section.

  2. Nevermind – you lost me. Sorry brother. Take a telescope outside. Or just spend a little time looking up in the sky on a clear night. Just pick one starry spot in the sky and really good look at it.

  3. 1.a idiot befor 100000… years tells earth is flat evrybody belivs hem
    2.a retarded idiot tels that the world is round evrybody belivs hem
    3.guys i hate peupl if i was a president i would made a nuclear bomb that would destroy the worl that is wish

  4. You are a Fricking Idiot, Nasa isn't the only fricking space organization, There are the Russians, Chinese, Space X. ALL these organizations have seen the fricking earth as a ball. The more Fricking space organizations there are, the less chance that they will all be able to keep a "secret" as big as whether or not the fricking globe we live on is actually a globe at all. Stop smoking. The Earth is a Fricking ball and YOU have no way in hell you will ever be able to prove otherwise until YOU go to space and see it yourself. Also, photos always have little weird light boxes around light sources. Idiot.

  5. If the earth is flat, you are telling me that the space race was fake? That Russia's government was secretly allied with US to make citizens believe that the earth is flat?

  6. I can't believe that we are 2018 and there are still people believing this FAKE shit!! PS: If the earth is flat, why you guys don't have fall off

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