19 thoughts on “The Bizarre Plan to Drain the Mediterranean: Atlantropa”

  1. Tom – you should do a video on the Rhein-Main-Danube Canal – worlds largest system of locks. I'll see if I can post to your account.

  2. Unfortunately lowering the Med- sea level that much would not be any option, since that kind of amount of water removed from Mediterranean Sea would cause the rest of the global sea level to rise too high, causing massive coastal floods, coastal cities flooded, and many coastal nations would declare war on either of the 2 countries the dam would link. I myself wish the project were much simpler and not lead to problems. The only remaining benefit there would be without the dam leading to problems would be, preventing Mediterranean coastal flooding caused by sea level rise. I have an idea for a novel about the project, but with more to the design and whatnot and the benefits, as well as a way to solve the flooding problem as well as the costs of the project, as well as the costs to secure the structure. In reality, the project I have an idea for, would be even more ambitious. Not only because of the complexity, but also because of the benefits people would have from it, the financial benefits, problems in particular that would be brought to an end, no new problems the project would lead to, and the beauty of the significant, spectacular sight. A tourist attraction greater than what the currently officially proposed designed project.

  3. from the thumbnail map, Slovenia would become landlocked, Croatia would have a smaller coast, Bosnia would be landlocked, and Venice would have no water

  4. The mediterenean is extremely salty and atlantropia may very well cause more problems than it solves. In the end the entire mediterenean may dry out because the rivers wouldn't be enough and it'll likely end up becoming a massive extension to the sahara desert

  5. Happened in the Netherlands, creating the 13th province of 'Flevoland', project had to be stopped because the loss of water surface was going to impact the ecosystem further inland.
    With the size of the Netherlands being so small compared to the Mediterranean sea, one could imagine what kind of impact lowering the sea-level by just a meter would be devastating for the locals.

  6. And also, the water you drain would have to go somewhere, raising the water levels globally, sinking some coastal cities.

  7. The fact that he didn't want to build a dam and the most narrow point, just proved the guy was an idiot.

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