19 thoughts on “The Carpenters’ Story: Only Yesterday”

  1. I feel bad saying this but all Karen wanted was to be loved and to have a family. Poor lady had neither…

  2. Transported back to a magical era made more magical by this duo who has earned more than a stitch in the tapestry of musical history … what a sound.

  3. I get so sad thinking about how awesome she was and how early she left us.  A true glimpse of heaven.

  4. Wasn't RICHARD wonderful?! You had TWO kids Agnes, NOT JUST HIM! Why didn't KAREN get any of your credit? She needed your love and support just as much as Master Prince Richard who is arrogant because you made him that way, giving him all the praise while pushing your poor daughter out! I really hope you have made things up in heaven but I wouldn't be surprised if Karen has rejected you like you rejected her!

  5. The psychologists name was Linda Blair .. yikes .. I would NOT go to the exorcist for therapy!

  6. Thank you for the brilliant music Richard, and to Karen: Thank you Sweet Angel who sings in heaven. RIP.

  7. There must be some kind of a high starving yourself to death. I hated it I know that. I could see it the pain in her eyes just jumped out.

  8. I think if Karen wouldnt have died then history would not have been so kind to Richard. He is a fucking weirdo.

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