17 thoughts on “The Carpenters’s Greatest Hits Best songs of The Carpenters”

  1. So sad she was so desperate that she hungered herself to the point of no return. Famous or not, it means shit if you don't love yourself.

  2. Sorry but we have all the technology in the world and can't produce or have talent like this true look and what considered talent now it's a joke
    Can't shine a candle Beyoncé is a stripper they are all good at being strippers but that's it

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  4. Imagine Katharine McPhee covering these hits. She has a voice that can express similar emotions. She could introduce the younger set to what real music and vocals are all about. No over-voiced Adele pop culture. A tour called "Katharine McPhee tribute to Karen Carpenter" would sell very well.

  5. Legends indeed. Karen lives in our Hearts immortal forever. Listening to their songs always takes me back to my student life.

  6. canciones q no tienen tiempo…son para siempre! el q las escucha, las recuerda infinitamente.

  7. I am 64 , had been listening to them since I can remember! The older I get, the sweeter they sound to my ears!

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