1. I have a challenge

    Save the kids challenge:
    1. Take both kids (Dolores is optional)
    2. Take at least 1 game (Keep the kids entertained)
    3. If there is not enough food or water to feed everyone feed the kids first
    4. The kids can't scavenge
    5. You have to get Pancake if you have the option (Sherikov is optional)
    6. If any kids die you must restart

    This took me a long time to think of :I

  2. Do the FOOD FOR DAYZ challenge

    You have to grab all the food and water that is in the house

    You can grab your family AFTER you get all the food and water, same goes with other supplies

    If you don’t get all the food in the house you must restart

    You also must scavenge every possible moment you can.

    If somebody comes to trade you must get at least 2 edible items

    It doesn’t matter what difficulty you chose

    Also you have to get pancake or sherikof

    Live until all food and water is gone

    Good luck

  3. The spoilt rich man challenge:

    Bring all family members.
    No limitations to what items to bring.
    You can play on any difficulty you want

    1 – 10 (Full Of Food!) In this stage because you are so rich and have so many supplies and foods you cannot do anything that will get you more supplies because you think its a waste of time. No other rules apply at this stage.
    (Hint: To avoid dying at this stage get as much stuff as you can at the start (First 60 seconds))

    Days 11 – 40 (Butler) In this stage whenever you need to do something Timmy needs to do it because he is the butler. Don't give Timmy any medical care because you think that you're more important than him. Also if there is an opportunity to get a dog/cat you cannot do it because Timmys making all the decisions for you and he thinks taking care of animals is too much work to add onto his quota so he avoids anything that can get him an animal. Feed Timmy one day later than the rest of the family.

    Days 41 – 50 (Spoiled) – In this stage, you always have to trade your most valuable item away (When I say most valuable item I mean most needed at the time) and eat whenever you're hungry. Also if you can you have to play a game/listen to the radio because you want your life to be as luxurious as possible even after a nuke. If you can you need to steal things like from schools or the elderly because you think its all about you. Don't give things to anyone but the members of you family.

    Days 50 – 70 (Breakdown) – In this stage, you become mentally unstable because you have never been in bad conditions for this long! So every second choice you needs to be the worst choice possible because of you panicking so much. Also, you need to do anything regarding the government because you want to be out of these conditions quickly that include stuff like Cutting down trees in the park and talking to the secret agents. If anyone dies you lose BUT people can run away without you losing.

    Days 71 – 80 (Normal) – You need to beat the game before day 80 or you lose. No other rules apply at this stage.


    NOTE: On any stages past or before butler you can get a dog/cat.

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