16 thoughts on “The Church Of What’s Happening Now: #545 – Rudy Sarzo”

  1. Dave Chappelle is jacking your swag Joey!!! Saw his new Netflix special and caught him swaggerjackin'. You heard it here folks.

  2. Happy new year joey and lee you saved my life this year truly I will take your life lessons through my life and hope I can one day be as big of an inspiration to someone else as you where to me

  3. I fuckin love u stories u probably the number one person id wanna meet because of how crazy u are im only 17

  4. Amazing guest, Rudy was very inspirational and a fantastic musician, thank you for the great podcast joey

  5. Rudy is a Top 5 guest on The Church. Ive listened to his tunes all of my life (I bought Quiet Riot's album when it was trendy) and he is always an informative and entertaining listen. Stay Black, Whitesnake!

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