14 thoughts on “The Cure for Clone Troopers’ Rapid Aging – Star Wars Clone Wars Revealed and Explained”

  1. Thanks guys for watching :). So who's your favorite clone commando? Hope you are having a good weekend so far!

  2. Canon and legends are still pretty similar when it comes to situations like this, maybe in the new canon Rex will finally find a cure in Rebels, though he's in the equivalent to his early 60s already as he's chronologically early 30s.

  3. The child of a Jedi and a clone of Jango Fett… Yup… That child would probably be super badass if trained properly. One of the most badass beings in the franchise in fact. Someone make this shit canon.

  4. hey guys I just realized how thrawn was able to find the rebel fleet in the end of episode 17 ezra gives kallus the rebel base coordinates and then thrawn finds out kallus is fulcrum but he won't arrest him he will use him for the information to make kallus look like he betrayed the rebellion.

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