18 thoughts on “The Decisive Battle – Final Fantasy V Music Extended”

  1. (Be me)
    (I reached the Great Tree of Moore)
    (Fuck with the weird glass stuff)
    (Exdeath shows up)
    (Glass stuff actually crystals)
    (Exdeath unleashes lightning lasers that hurt everyone)
    (Krile shows up, Exdeath fucks with her)
    (Galuf endure suffering for daughter)
    (1v1 rust: Galuf vs Exdeath)
    (Music plays)
    (Get rekt)
    (Still lives a 0 HP)
    (Exdeath runs like a little bitch)
    (Extremely emotional moment where they try to bring back Galuf)
    (Galuf vanishes)
    (sheds tear)
    (burst into tears)

  2. Thumbs up if at first you freaked out when Exdeath one-shotted Galuf only to find that you were still alive, 0 HP be damned

  3. Spends 3 hours trying to kill Omega, finally wins Ok, I'm ready for whatever the hell else is out here.
    Finds another Omega Are you kidding me?!
    Finds a room full of weaker Omegas WHO KEEPS MAKING THESE THINGS?!

  4. When Fighting Exdeath
    You: Its about to go DOWN Exdeath
    Exdeath: (Uses White Hole) You were Saying
    You: Oh SH%$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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