10 thoughts on “The Evolution of Gymnastics: Uneven Bars Developments”

  1. 1:18 what’s funny is how you said the bars are more sturdier but the video you showed while saying that is the one where the bars collapse while ludmilla touricheva does her dismount

  2. The Counter Kim is still my favourite release move. And also old combinations like Li Li's 1991 WC In-bar to German Giant to Tkatchev

  3. I like to see all parts of the body in motion, not focusing g on the hand movements or this or that. It was more artistic and it even looks safer in the old days when the bars
    were lowered and closeer

  4. looking back at the 80's, they really put modern gymnastics to shame with their mounts. bar mounts these days are so boring.

  5. we're approaching the end of the decade… i wish you separated 2000s from 2010s as the trends between the two decades really appear different to me

  6. I do gymnastics and that's pretty easy to do I was 3 when I started now I'm 17 (2003 – 2018)

  7. Hi, question.
    Is the uneven bar the one that has gone through the most changes.


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