17 thoughts on “The Gifted Episode 8 “threat of eXtinction” Review/Recap!”

  1. I thought the brother was Otto's father and his mother was someone else, meaning not his twin sister. Correct me if I'm wrong. Is Otto the son of the twins?

  2. i have a theory… Maybe Reeds dad is going to get captured by sentinel services since he died and use him as a mutant killer and he is one of the best mutants that cant be shutdown so the only one who can win the war between sentinels and the mutants is Andy and Lauren and they have to hold their hands to reunite the powers that the great grandparents have…. I dont know just my thought.

    Also is episode 9 last episode if so im killing myself this show should never end…

  3. It looks like Andy can control his power more when he stood up for Lauren and what if reed gets his power back

  4. WTF I thought the guy in the thumbnail was Palpatine and the title of the video was star wars episode 8 I must be drunk

  5. Grandpa so stupid, he shouldn't have any children if he wanted the genes to not pass on

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