16 thoughts on “The Gifted Review – Fox TV Show”

  1. I like the show currently on episode 8 wiring for the next episode to drop. It's getting pretty intense, we just learned a little more about the strucker family history. The kids are something special. This show is way better than Inhumans

  2. What I like about Gifted is it shows what the X-Men and the Brotherhood organizations were warning about and was fighting about, the dirty underbelly of the whole mutant situation is being showed in this show. IMO

  3. Great idea, great story line, but unfortunately it seems the cheap acting will be the most recurring element.

  4. Big question who is winning the comic t.v. DC: flash, arrow, legends. Or Marvel: Jessica Jones, Luke cage, inhumans, agents of shield, ect.? I haven't seen blacklighting yet or the new supergirl.

  5. and what's this about the Inhumans I don't even know what everybody's talking about what is it a made for video or is it a movie of the week that I missed I heard they were going to do a movie of it I just don't remember ever seeing anything about it

  6. horrible so dumb effects look like an episode of Charmed Polaris is one of the best characters they got great material just horrible Direction just a little better on the effects would relly change my opinion maybe? i will give it some more time BIG X-MAN FAN just really disappointed I wanted so bad to like this it's a pity

  7. Yes I hope we actually get the X-Men that would be awesome but I doubt that happens the show was good

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