15 thoughts on “The History of the Disney Dole Whip”

  1. I have tried dole whip and i have never actually been to any Disney parks. It's because my city has a midway sort of thing and there is an Icecream booth that claims to be "the home of the original Dole whip" or something like that sells Dole whips. So i was aware that Dole whips were not Disney exclusive. (Also is places claiming something as their own as the place claimed they were the home of the Dole whip even allowed?)

  2. There is a zoo nearby where I work that just opened up a tiger section a few Yeats back and they have this refreshment area there and I never really bought anything from it until recently and I realized… They had dole whip. And it tasted exactly the same as Disney dole whip. I live in Michigan which is on a complete diagonal from California where my grandparents live, so I almost never go to Disneyland and when I do, I stay at my grandparent's house, so that explains why I almost cried when I realized I could just go to my local zoo any time in the summer with my zoo membership and get cheaper Dole Whip at a discount.

  3. I got a dole whip plushie and had the drink 3 times in one day while I was there

    They are delicious ☺️

  4. Love your videos! I own alot of the books I see on the self behind you. Are there any favorites or books you recommend? Thanks.

  5. To avoid infringement, the Dole Whip collection item in Disney Emoji Blitz is just called the Pineapple Treat

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