20 thoughts on “The Kolbrin Bible A 3,600 year old manuscript that will rewrite history”

  1. If you found an old book, rewrite history? Maybe, assuming it is accurate. But tell the future? I highly doubt that.
    Why? People have choices, their own will. Did they predict the elections?
    Not some vague ones, but clear ones. Otherwise we are looking at clouds and finding things we want

  2. Oh – and by the way – I read also that the Kolbrin is SOOOOO ANCIENT that it was TRANSLATED BY EGYPTIANS.

  3. Yes. I have a copy of the Kolbrin. I noticed that in its pages was the description that 'end times' shall be recognized when "MEN BECOME AS WOMEN AND WOMEN BECOME AS MEN"…hmmmmm.

  4. there is so much horseshit in history now that most dont know what to think and this so called bible wont change that

  5. I really do wish you would stop using this voice – it is soooo distracting, getting the right tone and meaning of words can't be done with this voice

  6. I would like this video, and it would have even made me subscribe to the channel if it wasn't for your annoying computerized voice narration. Smh

  7. All assumptions/ misleading info/ this video reminds me of those that purport conspiracy theories

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