10 thoughts on “The Newshour Debate: Cagey about Narendra Modi? – Full Debate (28th Jan 2014)”

  1. shocking to me is arnab deliberatley ignored debating on funny/illogical/absent minded answers given by rahul gandhi to questions and go on taking debate to 1984 and 2002 riots. 

  2. Killer modi is sharing his thoughts, wat a fucking idiot this guy is… He is corrupted child and a racist..MODI SHOULD BE HANGED FOR HIS KILLING INSTEAD HE IS GIVEN THE CHANCE TO BECOME A PRIME MINISTER, SHAME ON INDIA

  3. It is very interesting that you very educated abroad this is what you have learned from abroad to conduct your debates so loudly, this is unacceptably in any case. Please try to listen to JERMY PAXMAN of BBC2, he is very aggressive but within limits and how his debates are well controlled.You do not have the ability to control your debates, Chandan Mitra and Mnish Tiwari both are looking uncivilized and extremely annoying wherever they are on TV. No body knows where the debate was going and what the agenda was. If you have guts then bring MODI and ask questions which ARVIND KEJRIVAL has put to him and he is not responding. 

  4. It is very difficult to listen your debates where both of your panel members are shouting at the same time including you with more strong and aggressive voice. You are not able to control your debate. 

  5. Manish Tewari is a lackey, mouthing the words of Sonia Gandhi and her "Pilla". what else can a congressman do? These guys are just pathetic.

  6. Manu Singhvi, Manish Tewari, Digvijay Singh, Sanjay Jha, et al are all prostitutes bought by Sonia .

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