20 thoughts on “The One Thing They Never Told You About Growing Tomatoes. The Best Tip”

  1. You are absolutely right! I'm near Yosemite and it is very difficult to grow tomatoes. Too hot in the day and too cold at night. Took us two years to figure it as we moved up here from southern Cali where they grow year-round. Subbed 🙂

  2. Found a spot in the yard tilled the ground and planted a indeterminate seed in march, now the plant is almost 6foot and not one tomato and i could die every time a bloom falls off!! Never had a year without, now I have an itch till next year!!!

  3. What I meant is there are tons of videos on basic "proper" methods to grow tomatoes. Watch 'em and relax. No need to list 24 principles again here. The point is: most gardeners are not going to count or measure 32.38 days to bloom vs. 22.675542 days. Can't change the weather. Most of us aren't commercial producers with 100 acres of tomatoes and $1 million at risk. Just get started as early as local weather permits, plant big, healthy tomatoes to start with, don't be an idiot about every politically correct/environmentalist hand-wringing notion and eat your own tomatoes.

  4. If you grow an heirloom indeterminate variety you'll get double the amount of days to set fruit because you get two main crops, one large pre-summer bloom period before it gets too hot and one regular pre-winter bloom period before it gets too cold. Here in north MS we have a long growing season of like 240 days or so, and first frost isn't until October sometime, so we can set fruit twice if we harvest the fruit by August 1st it leaves enough time for another crop to develop and mature to size. If you cut the still green fruit off at first frost and bring them inside they ripen to red fairly quickly in a warm room. Year before last we got several 5gal buckets full on our second crop.

  5. Can we get a fade out/in transition instead of that stupid slide across transition. You have the video so cut up it's almost hard to watch because of the gaudy transitions between segments. Try a less gaudy and apparent transition. It'll make the video easier to watch.

  6. I do believe in what you're saying about the tomatoes but I disagree about Goldilocks I think you got it crossed with the Three Bears

  7. Too much nonsensical trivia. Just grow tomatoes properly and enjoy them. About 5 basic steps: 1) choose varieties you like that grow well in your local area; 2) observe proper timing/soil temp/soil prep to plant outdoors; 3) practice proper planting/watering/fertilizing/pruning; 4) deal with disease/insects/critters; 5) pick & enjoy your wonderful tomatoes. Gardening is not rocket science unless you live in Texas apparently. For newbies, just watch other basic tomato videos, or this stuff will keep you from wanting to grow anything.

  8. U lost me my friend…soil condition is thee most important of all. What they will feed off of is essential. A for effort. D for delivery.

  9. I grow my own from the saved seeds of last years crop. But the temperature thing is interesting. Thank you.

  10. no good info, don't think the plants will bloom march an April here were still under 4 feet of snow and -20. poor tip, my plants would die the fist hour oh wait, they be freeze dried

  11. hi does tomato slice really works, from SG.
    my tomato is starting to smell bad, not sure whats going on. help

  12. sure thing I didn't know that . thank you for your help. now I know why in the past I didn't get the plant to set any fruit. it was too hot for it. I live in Arlington tx. and sometimes it get too hot too soon. but now I got a bunch of tomatoes on my plants.

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