18 thoughts on “THE PRINCIPLES F**KED UP SECRET | Kindergarten | 04 – Lily’s Route”

  1. this video should be named minx's new fucked up town of salem intro or minx dosn't fuck up trying to save billy by pushing buttons

  2. Lol. That takes care of that! But I wonder how Jerome would react since the principal is kinda his dad…

  3. this game is still being worked on right? cause if so wouldn't it be cool to go into the area under the school

  4. the creature that killed the principle i would say should be named baby shark….

  5. I think if you collect all 25 monstermon cards you'll release all evil to the world.Well I only knew that because of the nugget cave

  6. here is a theory maybe when you gt all of the monstermon cards go to the cave of the almighty nugget and go to the sign make sure you have all cards thogh

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