11 thoughts on “The Revenge of Shinobi (GEN) – Continue?”

  1. Paul: "They do horse jockeys real small because it's benificial to the horse speed. Why don't they do that with ninjas?" Actually Paul, you're right on the money! Real life ninjas WERE always very lightweight, small people. Not only for speed, but to allow them to hide in small places, like between walls. Also, every ninja had to be able to nimbly lift his own body weight up the sides of buildings, so they had to be light yet fit. I learned all this from Gaijin Goomba here on YouTube~

  2. Paul makes fun of "do another him," goes on to say "They do horse jockeys real small because it's beneficial to the horse speed."

  3. just be glad ya never saw the plane level >_> some of the later stages are freakin insane. The controls take time to get used to, but while challanging at many points, its a fun one.

  4. My friends were taking bets on whether or not you'd figure out the double jump shuriken thing. I have five more dollars thanks to Nick Murphy.

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