16 thoughts on “The Role Of Balance In Personal Development”

  1. That's strange I have a sound control panel at my place and I did that same comparison with humans life………  when I was younger like I don't know maybe ten years ago or 5   don't remember………..ok .. this is strange

  2. In Balance I would say it's essential to be able to move from one side to the other; back-and-forth. In that way finding the middle. Imagine for some people they are so stuck in a position they cannot go to the other side. No chance for balance being restored.

  3. Work : Chill
    Personal development : Enlightenment
    Theory : Action
    Left brain (logic) : Right brain (intuition)
    Practicality : Vision
    Protectiveness : Openness
    Seriousness : Playfulness
    Change : Acceptance
    Spending time by yourself : Spending time with others
    Rigidity : Flexibility
    Internal focus : External focus
    Business : Art
    Strategy : Spontaneity
    Assertiveness : Patience
    Directing conversation : Deep listening

    The balance between each is down to the situations of each individual. Apply wisdom to what side's currently needed more than the other, or if down the middle is best to reach your balance.

  4. Hello Leo, I had a really great laughter at the end of your video, when you were talking about that mixingboard metaphor.
    I am a very imbalanced and unhealthy INTP, so you can approximately guess my personality.
    The moment you were talking about people playing around the "mixingboards" of others, I have found myself in that description very much. I realised, that I tend to do that to so many of my online friends and therefore from this day on, I won't do that anymore. I will now instead start to balance my own "mixingboard" and give it my best try. Thank you alot for having an impact on my life and now excuse me, I will have to get back to meditating, to cultivate the other side of my brain. 😀
    I love you Leo, thank you for that advise.

  5. Leo, I have been on your forum and I have watched all of your videos. I have watched "be fucking patient" over 2 dozen times from front to back. Just want to let you know how much I appreciate you and how big of an impact you have made in my life. Thank you so much for your wisdom. Hope to meet you one day.

  6. I really enjoy your videos but I think you should consider making your series as a podcast. This way your audience will be able to listen to you on the go. Just a thought :)

  7. Do you mean balance is finding the appropriate percentage for me between certain things not like 50/50 but something fit me or make me feel enough?! or in other way how do I know that I am a balance?!

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