17 thoughts on “The Voice 2017 – Top 11 Instant Save”

  1. Mark won due to TALENT. He may not be your genre vs "whatever she is" but he clearly has a better voice and deserves to be noted. I have listened objectively since her first blind audition and do remotely see how this chick (Stephanie) made it this far. She has no strong, unique vocal footprint and find her performances tired, predictable and boring. I fast forward ALL her performances. I also don tlike her attitude putting down her parents and trying to get sympothy "as if" she deserves it. Mark is young, he goes on record never performed before..I think Adam is right..he is very talented just I think the only issue with him is people type cast him as "boy band" wanna be which America is sick of (myself included). But I would vote for him over this chik ANY day. I can see myself stopping on radio if driving along and nothing else was on..where Id turn it off if I only had Stephanie's voice on radio. Better no radio at all.

  2. To the People complaining who are complaining!!!! You should vote next time smh. That is the problem with people nowadays, they all complain instead taking action. Mark got the votes and outperformed her.

  3. lmao all these haters have so much hate for mark that they don't even know how good he really is. He is the only one that would really survivor in the music world from all those singers.

    Stephanie was off the whole song. She made me cringe like 10 times throughout her performance.

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