16 thoughts on “THE WORST EPISODES EVER – Tug and Zeo Watch Thomas – Episode 1”

  1. As a lover of the New York Central Railroad, I love how Connor and Caitlyn are modeled after the J3A Hudsons the NYC streamlined. Especially Connor as he is modeled after the Dreyfus Hudson

  2. Can i just say, when ben said "that's poetic" when the balloon came back i lost my shit, please bring him back for more videos cause he's hilarious

  3. nice video, hey i remember seeing a channel it had these videos of these 3 guys watching the first season of ttte

  4. Would you believe that some people still think Nitrogen is better than Arc? Arc is clearly better with the animation, detail, etc.

  5. You guys should totally get together again and have Ben watch the most recent Arlesdale Railway episodes! He'd probably flip!

  6. So his whistle was crooked but at 11:37 his whistle is perfectly fine again. Come next clip his whistle is crooked once more! Inconsistencies much?

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