Things I Learned About ADT Home Security Cameras

Alarm systems are great deterrents when it comes to home security. They give you early warning of break ins and they will warn you of smoke and carbon monoxide if you have detectors hooked up to the system. Now I do like it that door and window alarm sensors let you know when someone opens a door or window. However, I’m thinking by then it is late in the game. I would rather know when someone is approaching and that is why I first got interested in ADT home security cameras.

Since then I have discovered they have more uses for home security. Since they are connected to our home’s Internet system, I found out I could securely see what the cameras were seeing with my Internet enabled smartphone. I could now check in and see what our dog is up to at any time throughout the day when I am at work. We can also make sure the kids get home okay from school on those days they arrive home before we get done at work.

Another use I have found for ADT home security cameras is when we are on vacation. It gives me peace of mind to be able to see what is going on at home when we are very far away on vacation. I can check in to see if the neighbor is actually staying with our dog while we are gone and not just letting him out and feeding him. Another great use is if the alarm actually goes off. The recorded video footage is great for use in apprehending criminals. If you have a safe area, you can see what is going on in the rest of your house both inside and out. There are a lot of good uses for home security cameras.

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