15 thoughts on “This Video Will Make You Angry”

  1. Left wing vs Right wing
    Feminists vs Misogynists
    LGBT vs Anti-LGBT
    People vs Government
    Whites vs Blacks
    Atheists vs Religious
    Abortionists vs Non-abortionists
    Xenophiles vs Xenophobics
    Flatearth vs ..Sphere earth
    Media vs Whistleblowers
    Hackers vs Information Security
    Social justice warriors vs
    Liberalists vs Capitalists
    Illuminati vs Anti-illuminati

    What a time to be alive.

  2. Yo fuck this, trying to become purely neutral and central in this is going to make people go fucking insane dude. Comparing thoughts to germs and calling them that the whole time fucks this completely for me, just cal them fucking thoughts for god sake idk why this small word pizsed me off so much but it did

  3. Not angry, exactly… but a bit perturbed. But only because of the pronunciation of .GIF at the start.

    Kinda used to 80% of the internet pronouncing it contrary to how its creators intended by this point, tho. ("Choosy developers choose .GIF!")

  4. This video didn't make me angry at all…but you assuming that the video would make me angry, made me angry…so I'm angry at you..not the video…the video didn't make me angry, you did…through a video…???? sooo………success?

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