13 thoughts on “Three Dog Night – Black & White”

  1. Lisa Tison 2 years ago Said..
    song that has been going through my head.. Very popular in the 70's .. we have made headway but we still have so much farther to go to break down all racial barriers, as well as religious, sexual orientation

    Your sexual orientation thought has nothing to do with God created race.

  2. I'm sharing this everybody! Every MAN is equal not every Caucasian, not every African American, Not every philipino. Every MAN is equal! 😀

  3. Cow bell, I need more cow bell. What an awesome decade the 70's were. If you missed out, sorry but at least we still have the music from then. Thanks for the upload.

  4. Great song. Love the introduction of acceptance and humanity to kids,I just don't like the indoctrination that goes with it.

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