18 thoughts on “TJ Takes Racist Southern “Literacy Test””

  1. I think it would be great if we employed tests like these today in the current year also. I think actually that the average person (black and white) doesn´t have the necassary skills and knowledge to make an informed decision when they are manipulated by the media.

    And also, i don´t see why this is racist

  2. i got all the ones u got wrong, tis why u get a pencil. i would have passed it. ;p and english isn’t even my native language. hueh hueh hueh

  3. This is that Heritage they so proudly profuse I am wondering if the very test was given to them how would they fair.

  4. Spell Backwards, Forwards. It's safe to assume by the comma that the word that they wanted you to spell was forwards but to do it backwards. So the answer to that was Sdrawrof.

    Retarded ass question to begin with, but that is the answer.

  5. I think I know why this kept blacks from voting in the post civil war south, it’s because the questions aren’t really questions and their instructions are confusing as fuck

  6. Wow….. just wow…. this isn't a literacy test, they just made it as confusing as they possibly could… super fucked up…

  7. Hey TJ, love your work, mostly, but this is ignorant bullshit. You sound like Cenk Uygur isthis video using blanket statements to demonize an entire region, yes this test is racist bullshit, but you published this video in 2015, which wasn't anything like the 1960's. The south has changed, you should get out and talk to some people.

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